Testimonials & Success Stories

  • Funding through MHHEFA has benefited our communities by enabling Maine Medical Center in Portland to invest significantly in three major projects: The addition of two new floors and new helipads on the Coulombe Family Tower; the construction of a new employee garage and addition to the visitors’ garage; and the on-going construction of the eight-story Malone Family Tower. The new floors on the Coulombe Family Tower are focused on oncology treatment, while the Malone Family Tower will focus on cardiovascular care and surgery.

    Matt Wickenheiser, Senior Manager, Communications and Public Affairs, Maine Medical Center
    Maine Medical Center
  • On Nov. 9, 2013, MaineGeneral Health opened the Alfond Center for Health, a $312 million, 192-bed, state-of-the-art facility. More than 250 employees, physicians and patients and families collaborated on the design. The project consolidated services, increased efficiency, improved staff and doctor recruitment, added convenience and updated health care. As a result of the new hospital, health care services and jobs are kept in the region. MaineGeneral has built a culture committed to delivering excellent patient care and service for generations to come. 

    Alfond Center for Health
  • In 2006, the Board of Trustees of the Maine Community College System approved the design, license, construction and equipment of three residence halls in response to enrollment growth from transitioning to community colleges in 2003. These facilities included: a 27,000 square foot 148-bed residence facility located at Central Maine Community College, Auburn, Maine; a 30,000 square foot 163-bed residence facility located at Eastern Maine Community College, Bangor, Maine; and a 60,200 square foot 323-bed residence facility located at Southern Maine Community College, South Portland, Maine. The structure of the MCCS agreement with MHHEFA as part of Revenue Bond Series 2016A provided refinancing for the project resulting in cash flow savings for those colleges.

    Maine Community College System
  • Bates has appreciated our partnership with MHHEFA and the team who work with us to facilitate tax-exempt and low-cost financing for projects. With pressure on tuition room and board across the industry, finding opportunities for cost savings is essential. The ability to increase access (financial aid), or expand educational offerings, or improve services has everything to do with the ability to find ways to reduce costs in the higher education environment. COVID has taught us that the two most cost-intensive resources that have escalating annual needs - people and facilities - are the core elements of a successful college education. For all the criticisms of higher education, it remains a competitive advantage for the American experiment, unique in the globe, even if flawed and an easy target. Our work with MHHEFA is behind the scenes and technical, but has outsized implications to significantly improve our organization with each issuance. A heartfelt thanks from Bates.
    Geoffrey Swift, Vice President for Finance & Administration, and Treasurer
  • Dear Anthony, Thank you for your ongoing support as we attempt to navigate the ever-changing climate of behavioral health, especially in the face of a pandemic! Your willingness to patiently review expectations of funding as well as potential opportunities has been incredibly beneficial. MHHEFA funding set the stage for our success in purchasing facilities that would be welcoming and enduring years ago, and now, in the face of changing service lines, your consultation and flexibility is even more critical. We so appreciate your “translation” of bond covenants as we discern our next iteration of service to the most vulnerable in our communities. Best Regards, Catherine
    Catherine R. Ryder, CEO, Tri-County Mental Health Services
  • MHHEFA’s support has been instrumental in the success and growth of MaineHealth over the years.  The flexibility and responsiveness of the staff have helped us to successfully navigate critical financing in difficult market environments.  We are firm believers in the Moral Obligation program and its mission to help smaller unrated institutions gain access to the tax-exempt bond market.  As one of the leading health care institutions in the state, MaineHealth is committed to supporting the Moral Obligation program to help create a strong health care system for the people of Maine.  
    Albert G. Swallow III, CFO, MaineHealth
  • Thank you for your dogged persistence on our behalf, and your patience with us through this process!  We appreciate your entire team.
    Lori Dwyer, President & CEO, Penobscot Community Health Care
  • This was my first experience financing through MHHEFA, and I had a number of complex needs. The process seemed intimidating, but Anthony and the support team at MHHEFA capably walked me through the process. We were able to finance 11 housing units vital for our students' college experience at incredible rates. Thank you, MHHEFA.
    Bear Paul, Administrative Dean/CFO, College of the Atlantic
  • Curtis Hall is the primary residential facility for Maine Maritime Academy students living on our campus in Castine. The Academy needed to secure sufficient funding in order to make the priority investments and upgrades necessary for Curtis Hall to serve students for years to come. To move ahead with this critically important project MMA turned to MHHEFA. The leadership team and staff at MHHEFA dedicated their skill and experienced guidance in order for MMA to realize and enjoy an efficient, affordable and successful bond sale. Thank you MHHEFA for supporting students at Maine Maritime Academy.
    Richard Rosen, Vice President of Financial & Institutional Services
  • Goodwill Northern New England is a nonprofit social enterprise in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. We are proud of our decades long partnership with MHHEFA. We have worked together on many projects such as providing homes for clients who needs 24/7 support through our Residential program and securing great store locations to further our mission to invest in people who need support to achieve their work and life goals.
    Sherri L. Evans, SVP Administration & Chief Financial Officer