Working to support the financing, construction and refinancing costs for quality healthcare and educational facilities in Maine.
The Maine Health and Higher Educational Facilities Authority (MHHEFA) provides eligible non-profit colleges, universities and licensed healthcare facilities access to capital markets by issuing low cost, tax-exempt bonds and lending the proceeds to finance or refinance the acquisition, construction, and renovation of facilities. Tax-exempt bonds issued through MHHEFA result in interest rates that are much lower than conventional bank financing.

MHHEFA is also the co-sponsor of the Maine PowerOptions program providing electric aggregation services to our eligible borrowers as well as the chance to purchase fuel oil as part of a bulk purchase program.

COVID-19: Our business continuity commitment is available here.

Updates & News
Bullet Board Meetings:

The next MHHEFA board meeting has not been scheduled.
Bullet Notice of Public Hearing:

MHHEFA will be holding a public hearing on August 11, 2022 at 9:00AM relating to their upcoming proposed Revenue Bonds, Series 2022C. Click here  to read the public notice in full.
Bullet Raymond James Case Study:

MHHEFA’s 2021A&B Bonds attracted top institutional buyers as a result of the deal’s structure and credit enhancement, AGM. Also, given the lack of supply in the healthcare municipal market during the week of pricing, retail and institutional investors were extremely interested to be involved with both ends of the transaction. Read the full case study here.