The senior managing underwriter or investment banker is the firm responsible for structuring and marketing the bond issue. The indivdiuals assigned to the financing typically specilize in tax-exempt and health care or educational financing.
The senior manager will perform the following services:
  • Secure the necessary approvals for financing.
  • Assist the institution with the decision on whether to have a feasibility study and, if so, in selection of the financial feasibility firm and review of the report.
  • Oversee the preparation of the Preliminary and Final Official Statements.
  • Analyze financing options (terms, variable vs. fixed rate, credit, etc.)
  • Structure the financing.
  • Assist in the rating process and/or selection of credit enhancement.

MHHEFA will make all underwriter assignments.

The current list of Eligible Senior Underwriters and Co-managers responsible for the distribution and sale of bonds, as assigned by the Authority, is as follows: 

For more information regarding underwriters please contact the MHHEFA Program Officer at (207) 622-1958.